Limiting of the tickets of the agent

What kinds of limits are supported?

   In Round Robin you can limit the number of tickets assigned to an agent per time period. You can specify a global limit, which affects all agents, or individual limits for specific agents or tags. Global limit is set for all your agents by default. You can override the Global limit for specific agents by setting individual limits.


What is the limits calculation algorithm?

   Round Robin uses floating time frame calculation algorithm for agent ticket limiting.
Agent limits works as follows. Let's agent limit is "40 in 24 h".
This means - not more than 40 tickets for 24 hours from CURRENT time point.
For example, let's tickets had been assigned to an agent from 8:00 in the amount of 5 tickets in an hour.
At 16:00 the agent will have 40 tickets in last 24 h the limit will be exhausted.
After that no tickets will be assigned to the agent up to 8:00 Next day.
Next day at 8:00 the agent will have 40 tickets in last 24 h starting form the time point.
At 8:00 5 tickets can be assigned to the agent, at 9:00 10 tickets can be assigned and so on.



Is it possible to set a maximum ticket amount per a time period?

   Yes, it is possible. You can set the period in hours or in minutes. Click here to learn more.


Is there way to add a rule that can limit ticket distribution if an agent currently has X number of open tickets?

   No. You can limit the number of tickets assigned to an agent per time period only.


Is the app take manually assigned tickets in to account for limit calculation?



I have two agents and I want to assign the tickets in these percentages: 75% - 25%, is it possible to do it using Round Robin?

   There is no way to do it directly. You can achieve this approximately by using the agents individual limits. For example let's you receive 100 tickets per a day at average. That is 12 tickets per hour. So if you set the limit "9 in 1h" for the first agent and "3 in 1h" for the second you approximately achieve desired distribution.


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