Limits and priorities

Limits and priorities

Assignment order

The app assigns tickets in the order in which they are in the view. Thus, you can set priorities by changing the sort order of the view.

Understanding limits

In Round Robin you can limit the number of tickets assigned to an agent in two ways:

The first one is to limit the number of open tickets in the agent's backlog. For example, if you specify the limit of 10 - the app will not assign tickets to an agent if one already has 10 open tickets (only open tickets)

The second one is to limit the number of tickets assigned to an agent per time period. For example, if you specify the limit of "3 in 30m" - the app will not assign tickets more than 3 tickets in the 30 minutes. You can set the period in hours "h" or in minutes "m"

You can specify a global limit, which affects all agents, or individual limits for specific agents or tags.

The global limit is set for all your agents by default. You can find out more about the global limit in the next section. You can override the Global limit for specific agents by setting individual limits.

For example with a global limit set to 10 tickets in 1 hour but our agent "Jim" has an individual limit of 15 open tickets in the backlog. So the app will assign tickets to Jim only if he has less than 15 open tickets in its backlog while all other agents will get 10 in that hour regardless of their backlogs.


Global limit

1. Click Settings


2. Specify the desired setting in the Limit per agent field. For example "5" or "3 in 30m". 


3. Click Save 

Individual agent limits

1. Click Agents


2. Specify the desired setting in the Limit field. For example "5 in 2.5h".


3. Click Save 

Tag limits

1. Click Tags


2. Enter the name of the tag you want to filter by.

3. Specify the desired setting in the Limit per agent field. For example "5 in 75m".


4. Click Save

Queue limits

1. Click Queues


2. Enter the desired setting in the Limit per agent field. For example "5 in 30m".


3. Click Save

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  • 0

    Is it possible to have 2 queues for the agents and set different limits as follows:

    * From the first queue, there is a limit of 5 open tickets per agent

    * From the second queue, there is a limit of 10 open tickets per agent (or set no limit)


    Another note, the images for Queue limits are broken, if it is possible to fix them

    Edited by Hashem
  • 0
    Shweta Gupta


    Is it possible to assign the oldest ticket first and then move to the newest one?

  • 0
    Sergei Makarov

    Hi Shweta, 

    Yes. The app assigns tickets in the order in which they are in the view. You need just set the appropriate order in your view on Zendesk side. 

  • 0
    Shweta Gupta

    Hi Serge,

    Thank you for the prompt response. I tried it but it is still assigning me the latest (newest) tickets. Tickets in both the admins view and agents view were sorted from oldest to newest. Do let me know if I am missing something here.




  • 0
    Amy Baker

    Does Round Robin have the ability to recognize if the agent is on a current call, so as to assign to the next available agent? 


  • 0
    Michael Cardamone

    Does Round Robin have the ability to look at the total number of tickets an agent has, then make its assignment decision based on that? The number of Open tickets can be a misleading indicator if the bulk of that agent's tickets is pending some actions from the customers. 

  • 0

    Hi, Michael!

    No, the app isn't able to limit the total number of tickets an agent has. That is a feature of Zendesk API. Zendesk API allows mass requesting tickets only with open status.

  • 0
    Konstantin Annikov

    How to prioritize one queue over another? For example, I want twitter tickets to be assigned sooner than StackOverflow tickets (to prevent twitter tickets to stay in the queue when all the agents reached their limits and are dealing with stackoverflow tickets)

  • 0

    Hi, Konstantin!

    The queues are working in parallel mode, so it isn't possible to achieve the behavior you described with help of more then 1 queue. The only way is to create a new Zendesk View with both types of tickets and set the grouping to let you see twitter tickets first. The RR queue will read the tickets in the same order.

  • 0
    Nathan Reiher

    Hello, I'm interested in implementing this for our Helpdesk. My question is whether the X in time limit will only checks for open tickets from that period of time. (I understand that the "Global" limits will look at ALL open tickets that an agent has.) In our use case, there are open tickets in our agents queue that are older waiting on something else (often days/weeks old). So if we set the x in time amount limit, will it only count the open tickets from the specified time period? (Example, agent has 10 open tickets older then a few days, if we set the limit to be 10 tickets in 24, would they still get new tickets assigned to them?) The goal would be to prevent tons of new tickets getting assigned not necessarily preventing the total number of open tickets assigned to a user from reaching a certain number. Hopefully that makes sense.

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