Manage agent availability

Manage agent availability

Understanding availability

Round Robin assigns tickets to an agent only if the agent is marked as available. You can manage agent availability via the Availability field on the Agents page. The green dot indicates that the agent is available for assignment.

Agents have three modes:

  • Available
  • Unavailable
  • By Schedule (the app detects availability by schedule)

You can all your agents to manage their availability themselves or have supervisors manage it for them. Click here to learn how.


There are a variety of ways you can set up schedules for your team. You can create schedules for specific shifts, team events, holidays that affect your entire team, or even for each individual agent. In order to allow individual agents to take holidays or be out of the office, you will want to create a specific schedule per employee. If this is burdensome, you can also manually set them to Unavailable when they are out of the office then back to By schedule when they return.

To create a schedule:

1. Click Schedules.


2. Click New button, specify Name, Time zoneWork hours, Holidays and Overtime.

Important: Time zones defined as UTC+0 or UTC-8 don't support daylight saving. To take daylight saving into account automatically just select the corresponding named time zone for your schedule. For example: if you are creating a schedule for Pacific Standard Time select US/Pacific time zone for your schedule.


Using Schedules to manage availability

1. Click Agents


2. Select which schedule you'd like to use in the Schedule field.

3. Set Availability to "By schedule".

4. Click Save 

5. Make sure you have created the holiday/time off in the schedule you've selected.

Enable your agents to manage their availability

1. Check and alter cookie settings for your browser.

2. Download the Round Robin Agent Availability App.

3. Install the app into your Zendesk account:

    • Go to Admin Center > Apps and integrations > Zendesk Support apps > Click "Upload private App";


    • Enter App Name, choose app zip-archive and click Upload;

 4. Specify app parameters.

  • Project id: Your Project id from Round Robin settings page.
  • API key: Your API key from the Round Robin settings page.


5. Click Save settings 

6. Click on the App icon and manage your own availability.


7. If you what your supervisors to be able to manage the availability of your agents please list theirs in the Supervisors field at the Settings page. 

8. Then your supervisors will be able to manage other team members' availability.


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    AJ Sneed

    Can both be used at the same time? So setting up the agents scheduled times, and also allowing them to turn it on and off manually if needed?

  • 0

    Hi! The agent's state can be only one of the following: Available, Unavailable, By Schedule. You can swap the state at any time. For example, use By schedule option usually, and Available/Unavailable if that is necessary at the moment.

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