Round robin ticket assignment with agent queue limiting and queue prioritization


In this tip, I want to introduce you to Round Robin App for Zendesk® which automatically assigns tickets to the agents in your Zendesk in a round robin manner.

The app is inspired by Michael Stone (BetterCloud) and Bill French (iPad CTO) and their tip Round robin ticket assignment.

In addition to round robin functionality the app includes additional useful features:

  • Ticket queue prioritization
  • Agent ticket queue limiting
  • Agent skills based ticket assignment
  • Import agents from Zendesk

Some are in the nearest plans:

  • Assigning by agent's work schedules (support teams in different time zones)
  • Assigning tickets to available agents
  • Assigning a ticket by agent request

Round Robin works on Google App Engine.

You can try it completely FREE at Zendesk Apps Marketplace ((gear) » Apps » Marketplace » Round Robin) or link below.

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So, now let’s look at how to configure round robin ticket assignment with agent ticket queue limiting and queue prioritization.

Round Robin assignment overview

To start ticket assignment with the Round Robin App you need to specify:

  • Zendesk view that contains a ticket queue
  • Run interval
  • List of agents for the app to assign tickets (this is imported from Zendesk to the app)

The Round Robin App will receive tickets from the specified view, than assign them to agents at the given time interval.

Agent ticket queue limiting

Agents should only be given a number of tickets they can solve over a certain period of time. Other tickets should wait in a queue.

To achieve this, it is necessary to specify two parameters:

  • Max assignments per agent
  • Time interval

Round Robin will not assign more tickets than the specified number in the given time interval.

Ticket queue prioritization

If the limit above is set, then some tickets will be assigned and, some will wait in the queue.

The app assigns tickets in the order in which they are in the Zendesk view. So, if you want to set priorities, you can do so by changing the sort order of the view.

How to setup Round Robin app

Get the app

Get the app at Zendesk Apps Marketplace ((gear) » Apps » Marketplace » Round Robin) or link below.

<<Register to get your Round Robin app>>

Sign in with your Google account.

Set up your Zendesk connection

In order for Round Robin to assign tickets to agents in your Zendesk, you need to specify the connection settings. The Round Robin supports two methods of authentication in Zendesk:

  • Username and Password
  • Username and API token

If you are using the API token instead of user password, specify the Zendesk User as follows:

1. Click the menu item Settings

2. Specify Zendesk Subdomain (that what is before, Zendesk User and Zendesk Password or Token.

Agent credentials are sufficient for Round Robin operation.

Important! An agent specified here must have access rights in Zendesk to the tickets you want assigned by Round Robin App. The simplest way to achieve this is to give the agent "All tickets" access. The agent must have access rights to view, which you specify in the Ticket queue view field in the Work parameters.

3. Click Test Connection
4. Click Submit if the test connection is successful

Add agents to Round Robin

Agents, which Round Robin will assign tickets to, must be added to the Agents table.

1. Click the menu item Agents

2. Click the Import Agents button to Import agents list from your Zendesk.

3. Set Active field value to Yes for the agents you want tickets assigned to automatically by Round Robin App.

4. Click Save to save the changes.

If you want to suspend the automatic tickets assignment for one or more agents, set No in field Active for these agents.

Set up your ticket queue view in Zendesk

Configure the Zendesk view that contains your ticket queue in the desired order.

Configure the work parameters in Round Robin

1. Click the menu item Settings

2. Click Reload view list to load the list of active views from your Zendesk.

3. Specify Ticket queue view, Max ticket per agent, time interval, Ticket comment, than click Submit.

4. Test the settings made by clicking Run once. The app runs one queue processing circle and you can check the results in your Zendesk and in Round Robin App dashboard.

Ticket queue view – Zendesk view that contains a ticket queue. The app assigns tickets in the order in which they are in the view. You can set priorities by changing the sort order of the view.

Run interval – the app will receive tickets from the view and assign them to agents, at the given time interval. If you want to stop periodic queue processing, set 0 in this field. 

Max ticket per agent amount and time interval – the app will not assign more tickets than the specified number in a given time interval.

Assignment live time – the period of time in which Round Robin takes into account previous ticket assignments, specified in hours. Default value is 24 hours.

Ticket comment – private comment that will be added to the ticket when it is assigned to the agent. If you leave the field blank the comment will not be added.

That's all. After that, Round Robin App will receive tickets from the view in order and assign them to agents, at the given time interval.


The next tips will be about Agent skills based ticket assignment and Assigning by agent's work schedules.


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