Operation and monitoring

Operation and monitoring


Use the Dashboard to monitor the current status and operational statistics of the Round Robin app. All information displayed is for the past 24 hours. You can see:

  • Ticket queue processing status.
  • A log of items assigned (up to 100 items).
  • The number of tickets assigned to agents.

Queue Processing and Assignment Log


Date – date and time of ticket processing

Status – tickets have one of three statuses:

Assigned – the ticket has been assigned to an agent.
Not assigned – the ticket hasn't been assigned to any agent.
Error – An error has occurred. The ticket hasn't been assigned to the agent. Please see our instructions below on how to troubleshoot errors.

Queue – the name of the queue in which the ticket is assigned

Ticket ID – the Zendesk ticket ID

Assignee – the agent assigned to the ticket

Log - ticket processing log information such as tags on the ticket and any tags matching the tags you set up in Round Robin

Current Load


Agent - the agent assigned to the ticket

Tickets - the number of tickets assigned to the agents in the last 24 hours.

You can reset the data displayed by clicking the "Reset" button. When you reset, all existing counts are set to zero and Round Robin assumes that the agents have no tickets so the assignment process starts from scratch.

Zendesk API call errors

Occasionally, you might encounter a Zendesk API call error similar to this:


If you encounter this error, please ensure the following:

1. The agent is available in Zendesk

The agent must be available in Zendesk in order to receive assignments. Round Robin deactivates agents after several unsuccessful assignment attempts and will display this alert. After you verify that the agent is available in Zendesk, reactivate the agent on the Agents page of the Round Robin app.

2. The ticket is not Closed

Tickets you want to assign must not be in the Closed status. 

3. The agent specified in Zendesk has appropriate access rights

The agent's account must have access rights in Zendesk to change the tickets you are trying to assign using Round Robin. The simplest way to achieve this is to go into Zendesk and set the user's access to "All tickets".


Please Note: The agent specified in Zendesk must also have access rights to views which you specify in the Queues table.


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    Jam Ferrancol

    Is the logs available for clients that are only subscribed free of charge?

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    I need to be able to download my logs.  Can I do that?

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