Triggers and Automations log and debug


In this tip I want to share a simple and effective technique that that we use in our daily practice.

In Zendesk, triggers and automations are used for implementation of ticket processing logic. I configure them and run them, but then, I want to make sure that everything has been properly configured and is working as expected. I also want to have sufficient diagnostic information in case something goes wrong.

We use simple technique that allows us to log:

  • what tickets were processed
  • what were the field values
  • what data was sent to external services via targets.

How it works

When the trigger or procedure is fired, a letter to a special e-mail address is sent. The letter contains the parameters to be monitored. The screenshot below shows, that for a selected period of time sms alerts were sent by three ticket. For each ticket you can see message text and phone number.

Setting up

  1. Create e-mail. e.g. zendebug.******* We use gmail because its interface makes it convenient to filter the log and look for events of interest.
  2. Create e-mail target (Admin -> Extensions -> Targets -> Add target -> E-mail target)

        3. Add notification of the target to the trigger or procedure to be monitored.


I hope it is helpful.


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