Is Round Robin free if I already have Zendesk subscription?

   No. Round Robin is a separate application. Round Robin provides four subscription plans (including the free one). Pricing is here.


What is the difference between the available plans?

   Our plans differ from each other by available functionality. In brief:

Basic Round Robin functionality for teams up to 10 agents is absolutely free. You can automatically assign tickets, enforce priorities and workload limits for your entire team or even for each individual agent. Some volume restrictions are applied and only community support is available at this plan.

REGULAR $25/mo
   You get:

  • Basic Round Robin functionality for unlimited agents
  • 1-minute run interval
  • Up to 3 queues
  • Same requester - same agent assignment 
  • 8x5 Professional support

PLUS $59/mo
   In addition to REGULAR you get:

  • Unlimited queues 
  • Rule-based ticket routing 
  • Ability to determine alternate (or back-up) agents
  • Individual limits for tags, and queues

   In addition to PLUS you get:

  • Ability to manage agents' availability by work schedules
  • The ability for your agents to manage their availability themselves
  • Data protection proxy. If you need to be compliant with EU GDPR, HIPPA or other personal data protection regulations this enables you not to share your customer's personal data with Round Robin.
  • 24x7 Professional Support


Is there a trial version of Round Robin?

   After registration, we offer a 30-day trial period with the Enterprise plan automatically. So you can evaluate all the benefits of the app and make sure whether it is suitable for your workflow.


Is each Round Robin project need to be paid separately?

   Yes. But multiple projects are needed only if you are using Round Robin with multiple Zendesk subdomains. If you a using one Zendesk subdomain you can configure multiple queues (one for each view) in a single Round Robin project.


Is the total cost depends on the number of agents?

   The total cost does not depend on the number of agents we provide the unlimited number of agents for all paid plans. For example: Let's you want to use PLUS plan functionality. The total cost will be $69/mo regardless of the number of your agents.


What limits are there?

All limits are described in the article Limitations


What is the Zendesk API calls and how can I affect to its number?

Round Robin works with your Zendesk via Zendesk API. It receives tickets from the specified views then assigns them to agents at the given time intervals.

The number of Zendesk API call depends on the number of views you processed and the run time intervals. To optimize Zendesk API usage you can decrease the number of views (merge several into one) or increase time intervals.

Additionally, Zendesk API returns tickets from view page by page. One page includes 100 tickets. The more tickets in view the more API call to retrieve. You can exclude already assigned and closed tickets from the view. Usually, it allows dramatically decrease the number of Zendesk API calls.


What will happen if I exceed the limit?

If it is a one-time insignificantly excess we'll pretend that nothing happened. If this occurs for several consecutive months or is one-time significantly excess we'll suggest you optimize the app usage or upgrade your plan.


How can I see the expiration date of my trial?

   You can not see it in the Round Robin interface. A few days before your trial ends you will have been notified about this by email.


Is there a contract with quarterly payments?

   No. We provide monthly or annual (with 10% discount against monthly price) payments.


Some features are not available on some plans. What will happen with these settings when I subscribe? 

   Nothing will happen, you will not be able to run your queue until you configure the project in accordance with the plan.


We are wondering if you have non-profit pricing?

   We have no special pricing for non-profits.


Can you make changes in the Terms of service or Privacy policy to meet our requirements?

No. We provide mass service on the standard conditions (Terms of Service, Privacy Policy) with standard service plans. So, we will not be able to sign any contract because the legal study conclusion and legal support of individual contracts are commensurate with the price of this contract.


How the upgrade price is calculated?

The first payment for the new subscription will be decreased by the residue amount you paid for your current subscription. So you can upgrade your subscription at any time (don’t have to wait the full year or month).



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    Shweta Gupta



    Is there a way to test Rules and other features when I am connected to my sandbox environment? We would like to test first and purchase it only if it solves our usecases



  • 0

    Hi, Shweta,

    A Zendesk sandbox environment has the same functionality as a production one. So you can connect the RR project to the sandbox and evaluate all the benefits of the app and make sure whether it is suitable for your workflow.

  • 0
    Michael Jerone Fernandez


    For enterprise plan subscription, do you offer assistance in setting it up(example - video tutorial or real time setup assistance)?

    Thank you! 


  • 0

    Hi, Michael.

    Our app is quite simple in configuring. We have detailed articles regarding features the app has got. Also, we have email support to help our clients in setting up. 

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