Allow agents to set their availability

What for "Agents availability app" is?

You can use this function to enable your agents to set their own availability state (available, unavailable, or by schedule). They do this in Zendesk's agent interface via the Round Robin Agent Availability app. Round Robin will only assign tickets to agents who are available at the moment.


How to install Round Robin Agent Availability App?

Notice: Private custom apps and integrations are available starting from the Professional Zendesk plan.​

To use the Agent Availability feature please make the following settings:

  1. Download the Round Robin Agent Availability App.
  2. Install the app into your Zendesk account:
    • Click Upload App Admin>Apps>Manage>Upload App;


    • Choose app archive and click Upload;


    • Specify the app parameters as described here.


I see the error with the message "The agent is not active in Round Robin project", what does it mean?

   To be able to manage the availability an agent must be "Active" in Round Robin. You need to set "Yes" in "Active" column for the agent.


If I set myself unavailable in Agents availability app, does Round Robin not assign any tickets to me?



Is this feature available in all plans?

   No. This feature is available on Enterprise plan.


Why I can’t find Round Robin Agent Availability App in the App Directory?

   Round Robin Agent availability app is our beta feature. So it doesn't in Zendesk app marketplace yet. We limit the number of customers who use it.


How do I can upgrade the app

   To do this you need to have admin rights in Zendesk account. Then go to mceclip2.png => Manage =>Currently Installed => Click on the app =>Update


  Then choose the app archive:


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