Connect Round Robin to Zendesk

I can't connect Round Robin to Zendesk. What should I check?

1. Make sure you are logged in to the Round Robin app:
2. Make sure that the entered email (on the Settings page) is verified in Zendesk.
3. If you are using log-in and token:

   3.1 Make sure that the token authentication is turned on in Zendesk. API tokens are managed in the Zendesk Admin Center at Apps and integrations > Zendesk API.
   3.2 Make sure that entered log-in and token are correct
4. If you are using log-in and password:
   4.1. Make sure that entered log-in and password are correct
   4.2. Make sure that API access you are using is enabled in the Zendesk Support Admin interface at Admin > Channels > API:

   4.3. Make sure that SSO authorization is turned off. If it is not so you need to use log-in and token instead of log-in and password to establish the connection.
5. Then make sure that the Zendesk IP Restrictions is turned off. Round Robin does not support Zendesk IP restrictions.
6. Then make sure whether the specified user has sufficient rights to connect to the Zendesk by API.


How to setup Zendesk IP restrictions for Round Robin?

   Round Robin does not support dedicated IP addresses due to it works on the Google Cloud Platform. Read more.


What access rights are needed to work?

   An agent on behalf of which Round Robin operates must have access rights in Zendesk to the tickets you want to be assigned by Round Robin App. The simplest way to achieve this is to give the agent "All tickets" access.


   The agent must also have access rights to the views, which you specify as a ticket source view for your queues.


At some point, Round Robin stopped connecting to the Zendesk. What should I check?

    Usually, this happens for two reasons:

  1. The credentials of Zendesk users on behalf of which Round Robin operates had been changed for some reason. In that case, you need to re-establish the connection with proper credentials.
  2. Zendesk security settings had been changed. In particular, SSO authorization or IP restrictions had been turned on. In this case please use this checklist for troubleshooting.


I currently use the Team Plan for Zendesk. Are there further limitations I can expect?

Our app interacts with Zendesk via Zendeks API.
There is a limit on the Zendesk side (200 API requests per minute)


Thus, in some cases, you need to set up limits (for example, a global limit) on the Round Robin side.

Also, the Agent Availability app (as a private app for Zendesk) is available for install starting from the Professional Zendesk plan:



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