Assign tickets from the same requester to one agent

What does "Same requester - same agent" means?

   Sometimes it happens that a client opens multiple tickets at the same time or within a small time gap. These tickets are commonly related. If these tickets get assigned to different agents, it can lead to extra work and potential confusion. To avoid this, you can specify the "Same agent period". Round Robin will assign any tickets from the same requester during that time period to the same agent.


What is the logic of the ticket assignment in the “Same Requester-Same Agent” algorithm?

   Same requester - same agent uses a floating time frame calculation algorithm. For example, let's "Same agent period" parameter is 168 hours (1 week). When a new ticket comes in the algorithm sees is there an agent who worked with the requester for the last 168 hours from the CURRENT time point. If so the ticket is assigned to this agent. If no, the ticket is assigned just to the least loaded agent.


Is the “Same Requester-Same Agent” feature available in all the subscription levels?

   Yes. This feature is available starting from the Regular subscription plan.




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