Security and privacy

  What about security and privacy?

We take issues of privacy and data integrity very seriously, so we explicitly define the information policy about the data:

  • Round Robin gets from your Zendesk and stores inside,
  • Modifies in your Zendesk.

Information Round Robin gets and stores:

  • View identifiers and names. They are stored for the duration of your account.
  • Agent identifiers and names. They are stored for the duration of your account.
  • Ticket identifiers, ticket tags, identifiers of agent tickets are assigned to. These are stored in the Round Robin log for 10 days before being deleted.

Round Robin modifies and creates in your Zendesk:

  • Round Robin modifies Assignee ticket field.
  • Round Robin can add a private or public comment to the ticket if correspondent option is configured for your queues or if you are using Out of office functionality.

In the future versions we plan to add to this list: Groups list (id, name) and agents memberships in the groups.

How Round Robin interacts with my Zendesk account?

Round Robin uses Zendesk API to interact with your Zendesk account:

To get agent list /api/v2/users.json?role[]=admin&role[]=agent endpoint is used. Click here to learn more.
To get view list /api/v2/views.json endpoint is used. Click here to learn more.
To get tickets for assigning /api/v2/views/{id}/tickets.json endpoint is used. Click here to learn more.
To assign tickets to agents and add comments /api/v2/tickets/{id}.json endpoint is used. Click here to learn more.

Important! Please check the links to Zendesk API endpoint descriptions above to be aware on how the interaction goes. Zendesk API returns more data than Round Robin actually uses. The rest data returned by Zendesk API endpoints is erased immediately after the interaction (https session to Zendesk API endpoint) ends.

Where Round Robin processes and stores the data?

Round Robin runs and stores the data in Google cloud platform. Google cloud platform assures enterprise reliability and security level of the app.

Is Round Robin compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

No. So you need check your data processed by Round Robin for personal data of EU data subjects and stop use Round Robin to process such kind of data after May 25 2018.


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