Same requester - same agent assigning

Same requester - same agent assigning

You can setup the period of time during which Round Robin will assign tickets from the same requester to the same agent. You can set the period in hours "h" or in minutes "m". For example "5h" or "30m". Max value is 168 hours (1 week).

1. Click Settings


2. Specify the desired setting in the Same agent period field. For example "24h" or "5m". 


3. Click Save 

Leave the field blank to have Round Robin ignore this assignment method. 

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    Jonas Dunkan

    Hi there,

    We are new to Round Robin. That been said we are closely tied to our current business rules. Currently an agent owns the customer for 18 months, but we want to lower that period to 50 days. In this feature the max. is 1 week.

    Can you recommend an other way of accomplishing this? Either through Round Robin or by bypassing Round Robin for recurrent customers and using native Zendesk features?

    Good work at RR


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    Schaefer Tim

    Same question: How can be prolong these 168 hours to some weeks/months?

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    Derrick Sha

    There's only submit no save after entering all the limits, and it often can't be saved thru submit.

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