Update your Agent availability app

What you need to do

Zendesk app created using the v1 version of the Zendesk Apps framework will no longer be supported by March 2018. If you are using Round Robin Agent availability app you need to update it up to the latest version compatible with latest Zendesk apps infrastructure changes.

To do this:

1. Download the latest version of the app.

2. Install it ((gear) » Apps » Manage » Upload private app). 

3. Specify app parameters and click Save settings.

  • Project id: Your Project id from Round Robin settings page.
  • API key: Your API key from Round Robin settings page.

5. Specify your supervisors if needed (see what's new)

6. Check that the new app works as expected

7. Uninstall the old one 

What's new

In the latest version Agent availability app got new features:

  • Supervisors support
  • User interface improvements

Supervisors support

Now you can set who of your agents can manage the availability of other team members. Just list your supervisors in the Supervisors field at the Settings page. 

User interface improvements 

  • New data refresh capabilities - now the app refreshes the data automatically without reopening the window. Also you can refresh the data manually if needed by clicking new refresh button. 

  • The controls have been changed to be the same as these are in the main Round Robin client interface for clarity. 
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    Craig Willis

    Nice improvements, thank you

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