Minimal setup


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Minimal setup

Set up Zendesk connection

In order for Round Robin to assign tickets to your agents in Zendesk, you need to connect Zendesk and Round Robin. Round Robin supports two methods of authentication in Zendesk:

  • Username and Password
  • Username and API token

Using the API token in Zendesk means you don't have to share your password if you feel uncomfortable with that. To create the API token in Zendesk:

  • Go to Admin Center » Apps and integrations » Zendesk API
  • Enable Token Access
  • Create a new token called "Round Robin", copy the token text then click Save Changes

1. In Round Robin, click Settings


2. Specify your Zendesk subdomain (whatever is listed before, Zendesk username, and Zendesk Password or Token.


Whatever username you choose needs to have at least an agent-level role in Zendesk in order for this to work. But as a best practice we recommend a user with admin credentials be the user listed here. If you use agent credentials, please read about how to set up access rights here. You can disregard this if using admin credentials.

3. Click Test Connection
4. Click Submit if the test connection is successful


Select the agents to whom you want to assign tickets in the Agents table.

1. Click Agents


2. Set the Active field value to "On" and Availability field value to "Available" for the agents you want to start getting tickets.

4. Click Save 

The green dot indicates that the agent is available for assignment.

If you want to suspend the automatic tickets assignment for one or more agents, set "Unavailable" in Availability field for these agents.

If your agent list in Zendesk was changed - reimport it. While importing agents from Zendesk, the newly imported agents become inactive in the table. Deleted and suspended agents aren't removed from the Agents table, they just become inactive.

To make your work with the list of agents more comfortable you can filter agents by agent name, group or tag separately. Just type n:<agent name>, g:<group name> or t:<tag name>. To update the data in these columns please reimport agents.


1. Click Queues


2. Select the view you want to triage in Zendesk view field.

Important! Round Robin skips already assigned and closed tickets so it's highly recommended to exclude such tickets from this view in order to prevent extra load on Zendesk by extraneous requests.


3. Test the settings made by "Enabled=ON"&"Save", then "Enabled=OFF"&"Save" the queue. The app runs one queue processing cycle. Check the results in Zendesk and in the Round Robin dashboard.

4. Set Run interval in minutes.

5. Set Enabled to "On" then click Save.

You can use fields Comment and Comment mode to add a comment (Private or Public) to a ticket when it is assigned to an agent. If you leave Comment field blank the comment won't be added.

Note: default sorting will affect which tickets are allocated first. The application assigns the tickets in the order in which they are presented in the ticket source view. How this is done is shown here ("Adding views"=>8=>c section).

That's all! Tickets will now be assigned automatically. The app will receive tickets from the view and assign them to agents in the given time interval. Time to get a fresh cup of coffee! The minimal setup is complete. Further settings are optional. Keep reading for other options.


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