Round Robin 3.0 Release Notes 2016-02-01

Round Robin App 3.0

We are excited to introduce Round Robin App 3.0 with cool new features such as Agent's work schedules, Assigning to available agents and many others. In addition to functionality extension we have improved the app performance and reliability. You will enjoy.

What's new

  • Assigning by agent's work schedules
  • Assigning to available agents
  • Multiple queues
  • Rules (formerly Skills)
  • Reservation and escalation (alternate agents)
  • Same requester - same agent assigning
  • Individual limits for agents, tags and queues
  • Improved assignment algorithm
  • Multiple projects
  • Multiple admins

Assigning by agent's work schedules

You no longer need to activate and deactivate agents manually. Now the Agent's schedules functionality makes it for you. Exceptions to the schedules (holidays, half-holiday) are considered as well. Learn more...


Assigning to available agents

Allow your agents to manage their availability directly in Zendesk agent interface. Learn more...



Multiple queues

In Round Robin 3.0 you can specify multiple queues to triage multiple Zendesk views with own settings for each.


Rules (formerly Skills)

We have significantly reworked and expanded the Skills functionality. As a result functionality has not fit in its previous name. Multiple queues support, Agents turn on sequence, Assignment limits for tags have been introduced.

Agents turn on sequence is the change we want to draw your attention. So the meaning of the numbers in the table in the new release is different from meaning skill values in the previous release is. Now the number in the cell of the table means Agents turn on sequence.

Set 1 for your regular agents that should get the tickets with the tag (from the queue) on a regular basis. Set 2 for agents who should get the tickets if all of the agents with value of 1 are overloaded or unavailable. Set 3 for the agents... and so on. Set 5 for CEO of your company, so your customer will never be without attention.

Thus Rules functionality enables you to configure effective agent reservation and ticket escalation schemes.


Reservation and escalation (alternate agents)

Now you can determine alternate agents. The tickets are assigned to the alternate agents if the limits specified for regular agents are exhausted, or regular agents are unavailable.

In the normal situation tickets from "Queue1" are routed to Agents 1 and 2, tickets from "Queue2" are routed to Agents 4 and 5. In the case of an overload on "Queue1" Agents 4 will automatically connect to the workLearn more...


Same requester - same agent assigning

It happens that the client opens multiple tickets at the same time or with a small time gap. Usually these tickets overlap each other or are related. If these tickets will be assigned to the different agents, it leads to double work. It's not so good.

It isn't a problem now. Round Robin can assign the tickets from the same requester to the same agent during the period you specified. Learn more...


Individual limits for agents, tags and queues

Previously you could specify one limit for all agents only. Now you can define individual limit for certain agent, queue or tag. Learn more...


Improved assignment algorithm

Now the algorithm takes into account agent activity time and assigns tickets proportional to this time. This fixed the issue in which all tickets are assigned to most recent activated agent before the load are equalized. 


Multiple projects

Now you can create multiple Round Robin configuration (projects) and administrate all in one account. Learn more...



Multiple admins

Now you can invite your colleagues to manage your Round Robin projects. Learn more...



What's no longer supported

Round Robin App API endpoint /task is no longer supported. If you are using it you need to change your configuration.


Transition to the release

All user accounts will be transferred to release 3.0 up to 1 March 2016.

All the settings made in previous release will be converted to new release. Tickets will be assign the same way as before. You need to do no additional actions. 

To switch releases use Back to old release and Try new release buttons. 

Important! Round Robin 2.2 (old release) and Round Robin 3.0 (new release) are two independent apps. To avoid your tickets to be assigned twice don't run ticket processing in both releases at the same time.

Release 2.2 will continue working up to 1 April 2016 than will stop the operation.


What's next

Round Robin will go out of beta.

01 March 2016 we will go out of beta. In this regard we introduce changes in our Terms of Service which will be effective from 1 March 2016. Point 4.1. is excluded, point 4.4. is added. Please check it out. Version of the document which is effective until 1 March 2016 is here.


Feel free to contact us if you need any help or have any questions.


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