What limits are there?

To protect the app from overload we impose some limits. 

  • Zendesk API calls per month dependent on your plan:

    FREE - 25,000
    REGULAR - 50,000
    PLUS - 100,000
    ENTERPRISE - 200,000

    1 assigned ticket = 1 API call
    1 requested list of tickets from a view = from 1 to 15 API calls (100 tickets = 1 API call)
    The out-of-office feature puts the comments = depends on the workflow (up to 1.5x or x2 or greater from the total number of assigned tickets)
  • Max number of tickets in a ticket source view dependent on your plan:
    FREE - 100
    REGULAR - 200
    PLUS - 500
    ENTERPRISE - 1000


What is the Zendesk API calls and how can I affect to its number?

Round Robin works with your Zendesk via Zendesk API. It receives tickets from the specified views then assign them to agents at the given time intervals.

The number of Zendesk API call depends on number of views you processed and the run time intervals. To optimize Zendesk API usage you can decrease the number of views (merge several into one) or increase time intervals.

Additionally Zendesk API returns tickets from view page by page. One page include 100 tickets. The more tickets in view the more API call to retrieve. You can exclude already assigned and closed tickets from the view. Usually it allows dramatically decrease Zendesk API call number.


What will happen if I exceed the limit?

If it is a one-time insignificantly excess we'll pretend that nothing happened. If this occurs for several consecutive months or is one-time significantly excess we'll suggest you to optimize the app usage or upgrade your plan.

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