Round Robin 4.0 Release Notes 2016-10-19

Round Robin App 4.0

We are excited to introduce Round Robin App 4.0 with cool new features such as Out of office, usability performance and reliability improvements.

What's new

  • Out of office
  • Periods in minutes
  • Same agent period up to 1 week
  • Notification management

Out of office

There are many cases when it's needed to unassign or reassign previously assigned tickets. For example, if we need to transfer a ticket in "follow-the-sun” support model or just reassign it when your client replay to a ticket but responsible agent is out of office.

Round Robin enables you to manage agent availability - setting an agent available/unavailable manually or allow the app do this automatically by schedule. Now you can set up actions which are performed when an agent becomes unavailable/available. For example: unassign tickets which are assigned to unavailable agent or reassign the tickets and so on.

It works as follows. You can specify string which will be added to tickets as a private comment when assignee becomes available or unavailable. Then you can handle it in Zendesk triggers. Click here to Learn more. 

Periods in minutes

Now you can specify all time periods across the app not only in hours but in fractional hours and in minutes.


Same agent period up to 1 week

Now it is possible to specify Same agent period up to 168 hours (1 week). This enables you to dynamically connect certain requester to a certain agent for desired period of time. 

Notification management

Round Robin alerts project admins by email if something goes wrong. For example, if Round Robin detects an error when assigning tickets or a subscription is about to be expired.

This feature enables you to manage notifications from Round Robin app. Change notification addresses, switch notifications on or off. You can specify multiple addresses using a semicolon.


What's updated

  • Queues moved to individual page
  • Tables remember sorting and filtering options
  • Agent availability indication in Rules table

Queues moved to individual page

The Settings page became too crowded so we moved Queues table to individual page under individual menu item.


Tables remember sorting, filtering and paging options

Now when you are sorting, filtering or setting paging options in any table across the app the table remember it's latest state. So when you return back to the page you have not to set sorting, filtering or paging options again.  

Agent availability indication in Rules table

Green marker indicates that the agent is available for assignment at the moment. Now in Rules table as well as in Agent table.


What's fixed

  • Same agent rule highest priority bug
  • Leading and trailing spaces in the emails at the Permissions page

Same agent rule highest priority bug

In the previous release Same agent rule had the highest priority relative to other rules. This led to incorrect ticket assignment in some cases. Now the issue is fixed.    

Leading and trailing spaces in the emails at the Permissions page

In the previous release an admin could erroneously specify user's email addresses at the Permissions page with leading and trailing spaces. This led to inability the user to log in to the app. Now the issue is fixed.


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