Data protection proxy updating

This article describes Data protection proxy (DPP) configuration updating process.

Before you begin:

1. It is assumed that you already have working DPP installation. To learn more on how to install it please check this.

2. Please check the article on DPP configuring by this link to be aware about configuration principles.

To change DPP configuration you need to make the following steps:

1. Go to Google cloud shell and login with your account which is the owner of your DPP installation.

2. Copy the following commands, paste these to the terminal window, change [PROJECT_ID] to your DPP project ID (whatever is listed before e.g. ddp-20190128081642) and press Enter.

cd ~/; gcloud config set project [PROJECT_ID]

3. Open config.xml file by the path youraccount/dpp/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/. Change  current configuration than click menu File -> Save of press Ctrl+S. To learn more on how to configure it please check this.

4. Copy the following commands, paste these to the terminal window and press Enter.

cd ~/dpp;mvn clean install;gcloud app deploy ~/dpp/target/dpp/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml -q;gcloud app browse

When the commands execution will finished follow the link displayed in terminal window.


If you see the message {"info":"DPP is ready for operation"} - the update is completed successfully your Data protection proxy is ready for operation.

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