Error code guide

The different errors may occur during the assignment of tickets via Zendesk API. The reasons and solutions for the most frequently occurring errors are listed below.

422 - Record validation error

The possible reasons are:

  1. The error may state that the Round Robin attempted to assign the ticket to someone who isn't in the group the ticket is assigned to. The same situation may be with the Organization.
  2. The ticket may contain a mandatory field that must be filled. The app doesn't fill any custom fields.
  3. The ticket has got some restrictions. For example, when it has been migrated from an external system.
  4. The admin associated with RR account was downgraded to a light agent in Zendesk, which caused the API errors.

The possible solutions are:

  1. Add that agent to the group or change the ticket group to one of the assignee's groups (the same action for the Organization).
  2. Review the ticket the app can't assign whether it has got any mandatory custom field. If so, you need to change your tickets workflow to ensure that all the mandatory custom fields are filled before a ticket becomes available for Round Robin.
  3. Check the ticket restrictions if any.
  4. Assign a new admin with the appropriate permissions in Zendesk.

200, 406, 1406 - Ticket has not been assigned

The possible reasons are:

Sometimes it happens that Zenedesk API returns HTTP status 200 - OK but actually a ticket has not been assigned to an agent. Round Robin detects such situations and indicates these in the assignment log so you be aware and can take steps to resolve them. There are two reasons for that:

  1. The assignee has been unassigned automatically by the trigger on the Zendesk side. 
  2. The agent is no longer available (or has no sufficient rights) in your Zendesk account.

The possible solutions are:

  1. Open events of the ticket to know the name of the applied trigger:
    Then open trigger settings and check why it had re-assigned the investigated ticket. Or just disable it as a quick check.
  2. You need to reimport the agent list in the Agents table on the Round Robin side. The deleted agents will be marked as inactive automatically. 

429 - Too Many Requests

The possible reasons are:

That error code is set when your Zendesk API usage is higher than the API rate limit, established by Zendesk for your Zendesk subscription plan.
To learn more please check these two sections: Endpoint rate limits and Zendesk suite plan limits
The possible solutions are:
First, you need to detect the reason for exceeding the limit. To do this you can check Zendesk API activity. The common reason is that several apps or integrations use API at the same time. Usually, you have three options:
  1. Increase your API rate limit
  2. Reduce API consumption by Round Robin 
  3. Reduce API consumption by other apps or integrations 
To reduce API consumption by Round Robin you can set a global limit on the Settings page. Set the time base as 1 minute to assign the tickets more smoothly. As a result, that limit may let the app fit the Zendesk API rate limit.
The simplest rule for calculating a limit value is to divide the Zendesk limit by the number of active agents:
For example:
1) Zendesk subscription is Enterprise
2) the number of active agents in the Round Robin is 100
So the global limit value in the Settings page is 700 requests per minute / 70 active agents = 10 requests per active agent per minute or "7 in 1m"


Other errors

If you are bumped with an error not described in this article, please contact our Support team via

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