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How to better start working with Round Robin?

   First, you can familiarize yourself with how Round Robin works, then you should perform a minimal set up.


Do you have any setup guide I can use?

   There is a detailed setup guide.


Do you have any video guides to help me set up the product?



Is there a minimum Zendesk plan required?

   Round Robin will work with any Zendesk plan except one feature which requires "Private custom apps & integrations" Zendesk feature available starting from the Professional plan.


What functionality is available after registration?

   After registration, we offer a 30-day trial period with the Enterprise plan automatically. So you can evaluate all the benefits of the app and make sure whether it is suitable for your workflow.


What about reliability?

   We develop Round Robin as a highly reliable solution with the following features:

  • uptime of 99.80-99.99 based on Google App Engine infrastructure,
  • the enterprise level of security based on Google authorization,
  • queue-based asynchronous processing, avoiding network issues and Zendesk API rate limits.


Is Round Robin free if I already have Zendesk subscription?

   No. Round Robin is a separate application. We provide four subscription plans (including the free one). Pricing is here.



What Terms of Service are provided?

   The last version of the Terms of Service is presented here.


Why Round Robin is not showing up in my Zendesk interface?

   Round Robin interacts with the Zendesk interface via Zendesk API. So It doesn't display itself in the Zendesk interface.


Is there a safe way for my production Zendesk instance to evaluate Round Robin functionality?

   Yes. If you have an Enterprise plan in Zendesk, you can use Zendesk Sandbox for evaluating Round Robin functionality. The sandbox environment configuration has no difference from the common configuration process except one. You need to specify your sandbox subdomain (it usually looks like this yoursubdomain6789229) instead of your production one.
   If no you can create a new Zendesk trial instance to perform all necessary tests.


Is it possible to keep tickets in a NEW status?

   There is no way to keep tickets in "NEW" status because this is a feature of Zendesk. When a ticket is assigned to an agent (regardless of manually or by Round Robin), the ticket status is changed to "OPEN" automatically.


Can Round Robin create any reports?

   Round Robin doesn't support reports. You can see current (24 hours) statistics only in the "Load in the last 24 hours" widget on the Dashboard page.


Is Round Robin open source?



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