Manage agents availability by schedules

What for "Assignment by schedules" feature is?

   This feature enables you to create work schedules for your agents. So tickets will be assigned to those agents that are currently at work by schedule.


I set up a schedule but Round Robin ignores it when assigning tickets.

   Agents have three modes:


- Available (always available)
- Unavailable (always not available)
- By Schedule (the app detects availability by schedule)

   You need to select "By Schedule" mode to schedule takes effect for the agent.


I set up a correct schedule, but some tickets has been assigned in non-working hours. (or not assigned in working hours)

   There are two common reasons why the tickets can assigned in non-working hours (or not assigned in working hours):

  1. The time zone offset is set incorrectly.
  2. The time zone offset need to be changed due to daylight saving time. Time zone is not updated automatically for Daylight Savings Time. Example: if you are on Pacific Standard Time in the US, your Time Zone when you "spring forward" is UTC-7 and UTC-8 when you "fall back".


Do I need to manually change the time zone of the schedule when switching to daylight saving time?

   Yes. Example: if you are on Pacific Standard Time in the US, your Time Zone when you "spring forward" is UTC-7 and UTC-8 when you "fall back".


What happens to the new tickets when no agents are available?

   The tickets will stay on the queue until at least one agent becomes available. Please note To avoid the situation when the agent who becomes available first receives all the awaiting tickets it's advisable to set up a limit for you agents.


What happens to the assigned tickets when the shift of the agent ends by the schedule?

   By default - the tickets will stay assigned in his/her queue. However you can setup so the tickets will unassigned from the agent using Round Robin Out-of-office functionality.


 Is there a way to sync Round-robin and Zendesk schedules?

   No. You can use Round Robin schedules instead of Zendesk schedules. So you don't need to sync the schedules.


In what time zone I need to set Holiday/Overtimes periods?

   All schedule settings regular and holidays/overtimes are in schedule time zone.


The Holiday is set up for all schedules at once?

   No. You need to set up Holiday for each schedule separately.


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