Limits and priorities

Limits and priorities

Assignment order

The app assigns tickets in the order in which they are in the view. Thus, you can set priorities by changing the sort order of the view.

Understanding limits

In Round Robin you can limit the number of tickets assigned to an agent per time period. You can specify a global limit, which affects all agents, or individual limits for specific agents or tags.

Global limit is set for all your agents by default. You can find out more about the global limit in the next section. You can override the Global limit for specific agents by setting individual limits.

For example with global limit set to 10 tickets in 1 hour but our agent "Jim" has a individual limit of 15 tickets in 1 hour. So the app will assign 15 tickets Jim in one hour and all other agents will get 10 in that hour.

You can also limit the number of tickets with specific tags assigned to an agent.

For example, let's say you set limits for the following tags:

  • "Software" - 10 tickets in 1 hour
  • "Hardware" - 8 tickets in 1 hour

So in one hour, Jim will get no more than 10 tickets with tag "Software", no more than 8 tickets with tag "Hardware", and no more than 15 tickets overall (due to an individual limit). 

You can set the limit period in hours "h" or in minutes "m". For example "5 in 1h" or "3 in 1.5h" or "3 in 30m".

Global limit

1. Click Settings


2. Specify the desired setting in the Limit per agent field. For example "5 in 1h" or "3 in 30m". 

3. Click Save 

Individual agent limits

1. Click Agents

2. Specify the desired setting in the Limit field. For example "5 in 2.5h".


3. Click Save 

Tag limits

1. Click Tags

2. Enter the name of the tag you want to filter by.

3. Specify the desired setting in the Limit per agent field. For example "5 in 75m".

4. Click Save

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