General ticket assignment questions

What tickets Round Robin assigns?

   Round Robin assigns unassigned "New", "Open", "Pending", and "on-hold" tickets.


What tickets Round Robin ignores?

  The app skips already assigned and closed tickets. So it's highly recommended to exclude such tickets from the ticket source view in order to prevent extra load on Zendesk by extraneous requests.


In which order Round Robin assigns tickets?

  The application assigns the tickets in the order in which they are presented in the ticket source view. How this is done is shown here ("Adding views"=>9=>c section).

   The following article will help you if you want to implement a custom order of the ticket assignment, for example by custom priority levels.


Who the tickets are assigned to?

   Round Robin assigns tickets to the agents who are: "active" and "available" (or "By schedule" and now is the work time by the schedule).


  A green circle () appears to the right of Zendesk ID if an agent is ready for the ticket assignment.


When an agent goes out of office, what is the best - to put him as inactive in the 'Active' column or to put him as unavailable in the 'Availability' column?

  It's better to use the "Availability" column for this purpose. The "Active" column lists the agents with whom you want to work inside the application. The app shows the active agents in the Rules table, dashboard, and so on.


I have a new agent in the Zendesk interface. How can I add the agent to Round Robin?

  1. Go to the Agents page
  2. Click the "Import Agents" button
  3. Choose the "Yes" option in the "Active" column for the agent
  4. Choose appropriate availability for the agent
  5. Click the "Save" button


How tickets are assigned?

  By default If you have 3 agents tickets will be distributed as follows:

  1. ticket1 - agent1
  2. ticket2 - agent2
  3. ticket3 - agent3
  4. ticket4 - agent1
  5. ticket5 - agent2

and so on.


Is it possible to round robin assign tickets to groups in Zendesk instead of individual agents?

  The Round Robin does not support assigning tickets to groups in Zendesk.


What is the "Load balancing period"?

   By default, Round Robin balances your agents' load by assigning the next ticket that arrives to the agent who has the greatest time period between the last ticket assignment and the new ticket. This is enough for most practical cases. However, it doesn't guarantee that your agents get an equal number of tickets for a day or for the week.
   If you want to force this balance, you would do so by setting up a Load balancing period. Once set up, the app will balance the agents' load over the period you specify. For example, if you set it to 24 hours, the agents will all receive the same number of tickets in 24 hours time period.


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